Maryada Purshottam Sri Ram has a very special place in the hearts of Hindus all over India and other neighboring countries. Many verses have been written in his praise. Composed by Paramhans Swami Brahmanand, Sri Ramashtakam, the eight verses express the glory of Sri Ram. Recitation of these verses keeps reminding us that the path of righteousness is difficult but not unattainable. If we follow the path of Sri Ram, we can be free from the miseries of life and can attain higher realms. Jai Sri Ram…

Sri Ramashtakam Lyrics in English

Shri Ramashtakam lyrics

Kritarta Dev Vandanam Dinesh Vamsha Nandanam

Sushobhibhal Chandanam Namami Ram Meeswaram ||

Munindra yagna karkam shila vippatti harakam

Mahadhanurvidaarakam namami ram Meeshwaram ||

Swatat vakyakarinam tapovane vihaarinam

Kare Suchap Dharinam Namami Ram Meeshwaram ||

Kurang mukt sayakam jatayu moksha daikam

Praviddhakish Naikam Namami Ram Meeswaram ||

Plavvang sang sammititam nibdhanimn gapitam

Dasasyavansh Sanchitam Namami Ram Meeswaram ||

Veedinadeva Harshanam Kapipshitarth Varshan

Swabandhu shok Karshanam Namami Ram Meeshwaram ||

Gatari rajya rakshanam prajajanrtibhashanam

Kritastamoha Lakshanam Namami Ram Meeshwaram ||

Hritakhilachalabharam Swadhamniitnaagaram

Jagattamodivakaram Namami Ram Meeswaram ||

Idam Samahitatmna Naroraghuttamashatkam Pathannirantarambhayam Namami Ram Meeshwaram ||

Shri Ramashtakam Lyrics in Hindi

Sri Ramashtakam lyrics in Hindi

कृतार्त देव वन्दनं, दिनेश वंश नन्दनम्
सुशोभिभाल चन्दनम्, नमामि राममीश्वरं |
मुनींद्रयज्ञ कारकम्, शिलाविप्पत्ति हारकम्
महाधनुर्विदारकं, नमामि राममीश्वरं |
स्वतात वाक्यकारिणम, तपोवने विहारिणं
करे सुचाप धारिणं नमामि राममीश्वरं |
कुरंग मुक्त सायकं जटायु मोक्षदायकम
प्रविद्द्कीशनायकम् नमामि राममीश्वरं |
प्लवङ्गसङ्ग सम्मितं निबद्ध निम्न गापितं
दसास्यवंश सङ्क्षितम नमामि राममीश्वरं |
विदीनदेव हर्षणं कपिप्सितार्थ् वर्षणं
स्वबन्धु शोक कर्षणं नमामि राममीश्वरं |
गतारिराज्य रक्षणं प्रजाजनार्ति भक्षणं
कृतास्तमोह लक्षणम् नमामि राममीश्वरं |
हृताखिलाचलाभरं स्वधामनीतनागरम
जगत्तमोदिवाकरं नमामि राममीश्वरं |
इदं समाहितात्मना नरोरघुत्तमाष्टकं पठन्निरन्तरंभयं नमामि राम मीश्वरं ||


He who keeps bow and arrow of Lord Shankar and freed Ahilya from her sins. He, who is an obedient son. To fulfill his father’s words, he gave up all amenities of the palace and lived like an ascetic in the forest. An earnest disciple, who, on the call of his Guru, slaughtered Danavas and Rakshas to protect the people living in the jungle. He, who is a responsible and powerful King with no opponent, gives moksha to his subjects. Sri Ram is a loving husband who travels the length and breadth of India and across the sea to find his beloved wife kidnapped by Ravana; hence, he slaughtered him. Lord Rama gave moksha to Jatayu and built a dam over the ocean with the help of vanaras. He fulfilled the desires of devatas, vanaras, and devotees. I bow down to such a great Sri Rama.


Sri Ram is believed to give strength and devotion to his devotees. Whoever recites these eight verses with solid faith may get free from all kinds of fears and ultimately achieve spiritual heights.