Narak Chaturdashi or choti Diwali is celebrated one-day before Diwali. It’s a second day of five-day-long festival of Deepavali. Here we have got you to read importance of Narak Chaturdashi, why it has been celebrated and puja vidhi with mantra.

Importance of Narak Chaturdashi

Narak Chaturdashi falls in Hindu calendar month of Kartik, in Krishna paksha on 14th day. It is also a harvest festival and celebrated all across India in a wide variety of ways.

Narak Chaturdashi also known as Kali Chaudas, Roop Chaturdashi and Bhoot Chaturdashi celebrated all over India with great fervor and joy. This year, it will be celebrated on 14th November 2020.

Narak Chaturdashi

Naraka Chaturdashi or Choti Diwali is a second day of Deepawali festival. On this day, people light diyas and ignite fire crackers. In northern States like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana, People keep diyas at their doorstep to ward off evil and miss happening.

Kali Chaudas

kali chaudas

In the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and some parts of Rajasthan , People celebrate this day as victory of goodness over evil. Goddess Kali is fierce yet kindhearted and protect their devotees from all evils. This day people worship her to get rid of persistent illness, protection from evil spirits, and to come out of bad debts.

Hanuman Jayanti

hanuman jayanti

After winning Lanka, Ram and Seeta distributed gifts to everyone including Hanuman. Seeta gave Hamuman her favorite pearl necklace but Hanuman said that he doesn’t find name of lord Ram in the necklace and therefore, he doesn’t want to keep it.

Then, Mata Seeta gifted him Sindoor from her forehead and said this sindoor is very precious to me, because It pleases Lord Rama.

Hence,Hanuman accepted this gift of sindoor with joy and gratitude.Therefore, on this day, devotees of Lord Hanuman offer him sindoor and oil to get his blessings.

Bhoot Chaturdashi

bhoot chaturdashi

In west Bengal ,People celebrate Choti Diwali in the form of Bhoot Chaturdashi. This day people believe that 14 departed forefathers come to see their family members, so people lit 14 diyas all around the home.

In Tamil Nadu people worship Goddess Lakshmi and observe all-day-long fast called Nombu.

Some Indian states of southern, celebrate this day as main Diwali.

The Story associated with Narak Chaturdashi

narak chaturdashi puja vidhi

Demon king Narakasur got so powerful that he started to torment everyone on the earth. Drunk by power, he abducted 16000 princesses and made captive of them.Therefore, after request to save them from demon, Lord Krishna along with his wife Satyabhama came to their rescue and released them after killing Narakasur.

At the end, Narakasur asked for a boon to Satyabhama who happened to be a mother of Narakasur in previous avatar, that this day should be celebrated with colorful lights. That’s why people light diyas and lit firecrackers on Narak Chaudas.

Narak Chaturdashi Puja Vidhi

Kartik Krishna Chaturdashi is also celebrated as Roop Chaturdashi. This day people take bath before sunrise. Before taking bath, rub sesame or til oil all over the body. This process Abyangasnan is a must-have rituals of Narak Chaturdashi. Before doing abhyanga, take Sankalp with this mantra

“यमलोक दर्शनाभावकामो अहम्भ्यङ्ग्स्नानां करिष्ये “

“Yamlok darshanabhavokamoabyangam karisye”

However, In Kartik month,abhyanga is forbidden, but on Roop or Narak Chaturdashi, it saves one from going to yamlok. This snan brings happiness and good luck and also protects from misfortune.

Mantra for Lord Hanuman

to get blessings of Lord Hanuman follow this process

Firstly,take early morning bath. After taking bath, take sanklap chanting this mantra-

“मम शौर्यादर्यधैर्यादि व्रद्धयर्थं हनुमत्प्रीतिकाम्नाय हनुमञ्जयन्ति महोत्सवं करिष्यसे “

“Mam shauryadaryadhyeradi vradhayeartham hanumatpreetikamnaye hanumanjayanti mahaotasav karishasye”

After taking Sankalp, worship Lord Hanuman by shodashopchar. Offer sinddor mixed with oil to the vigraha or murti of Lord Hanuman. For Naivedyam, prepare churma made with ghee, flour and sugar or offer jaggery and poha.

After offerings of flour modak, fruits like banana and guava, read the Sundar Kand.In the night lit the diyas in a row.

For those who just celebrate narak Chaturdashi, lit four sided diya and facing east direction, chant this mantra

दत्तो दीपश्चतुर्दश्यां नरकप्रीतये मया |

चतुर्वर्ति समायुक्तः सर्वपापनुत्तये ||

Datto deepashchatudashyam narapreetay maya|Chaturvartisamayukatah sarbapaapnukatye||

As per the Ling Purana, devotees should make donation after chanting this mantra. Donation is the easiest way to attain devotion.

narak chaturdashi puja

Doing fireworks on this day, liberate the spirits of those who have died from meteor. Chant this mantra before igniting crackers –

अग्निदग्धाश्च ये जीवा ये प्यदग्धाः कुले मम | उज्जवल्ज्योतिषा दग्धास्ते यान्तु परमां गतिम् ||

agnidagdhasch ye jeeva apyadagdha kule mam |

Ujjawaljyotisha dagdhaste yaantu paramam gatim ||

Celebration of Narak Chaturdashi symbolizes victory of goodness over evil. Moreover, This festival also show that sufferings of life can be overcome by inner strength along with grace of divinity.

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Happy Diwali to all the readers of Devotionalfolks.


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