Hi, I am an active blogger since 2017, trying to carve a path in realms of my passion for writing. Through this blog, I embarked on a spiritual journey that I would like to share with you. I am also documenting interesting unknown facts and mysteries about our divine culture and traditions. Thanks for showing your interest in my attempt of putting forth ancient wisdom. I am an ex-banker who is now exploring interesting avenues of life and its mysteries. I welcome you to be a part of this spiritual expedition.

Devotionalfolks is a blog about our rich heritage and culture. In this blog, you will get to read many interesting facts about our deities and also how to worship. I continue to put all kinds of aartis and stotram to lessen your hassles to find them. This blog is one-stop solutions for all types of Vrat Katha and Pooja Vidhi.

I welcome your suggestions on topics that you want to read in this blog.