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Benefits of Listening Bhajans- Unbelievable facts you want to know

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What exactly Bhajan is? Do you ever wonder where it has been originated? What benefits do we derive from listening to bhajan? Are Bhajans just make us calm and relax or there are other benefits attached too? Come, let’s dig into knowing the benefits of listening to bhajans.

In Sanskrit, Bhaj means attachment, worship homage, etc. Basically singing a lyrical glorification of the deity is Bhajan. For instance, It’s a way of conveying love to the divine. Singing Bhajan and Kirtan in praise of Lord is an age-old and sacred tradition. Essentially, Its simple melodious lyrics and ragas have the same effect as meditation. For the seeker, it treads the path to become one with the divine. It is the best and easy way to reach the divine.

benefits of listening bhajans

Samveda one of the four Vedas is Veda of melodies and chants. Bhajan and Kirtans have their root in Samveda. As a matter of fact, bhajan emerged from Nada Brahma. Fundamentally, Nada is a primitive sound that is full of sacredness and bliss. Therefore, these sounds considered to be elemental in experiencing the ultimate reality of supreme.

unbelievable benefits of listening bhajans

Either Bhajan can be composed in different raga or it may be a simple devotional song without any complexity. Bhajan and Kirtan are more or less similar. The only difference is kirtan is the well-structured performance where the audience also participates with the singer. In the contrary, Lead singer performs Bhajans all alone or in a group where the audience only listens.

Bhajan became popular during the bhakti movement. Meerabai, Tulsidas, Kabeer, Raidas, Naamdev, Eknath, Tukaram, Andal, and Guru Nanak Dev are prominent names of Bhakti Yuga. All the more Chaitanya Mahaprabhu taught his disciples the importance of sankirtan which is a repetition of mantras or hymns.

benefits of listening bhajans

The joy and contentment derived from listening Bhajan are unparalleled. Not only Listening and singing of Bhajan impart serenity and peace of mind but also able to transform our thoughts. Furthermore, the Listening of Bhajan helps to promote immunity and increases the low prana energy level. Its positive vibrations relieve anxiety and act as an antidepressant.

As per much research, it has been found that listening to bhajans and chants, increases the activity in the cells which releases Feel good hormone “Dopamine”. It is also referred by various studies that listening to bhajans activates our brain which makes us more analytical and Attentive, hence most people prefer to listen in the morning.

Apart from these benefits Bhajan also helps in building a positive approach. Fundamentally, bhajans have an ability to increase awareness of our surroundings and helps in building human qualities.

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Adi Guru Sankaracharya ascribed Bhaj Govindam, a devotional composition in Sanskrit. He too emphasized the benefits of listening bhajans.  He refers in the verses that at the time of death, Money and all worldly knowledge will go in vain, only his name is the savior from this miserable cycle of life and death. Therefore sing the glory of God.